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Training and Educational Standards

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Training and Educational Standards (TES) provides a central support service to all the College training divisions, helping to ensure the development, design and delivery of effective quality assured training interventions for the police service in Scotland.

A key role of TES is to support Divisions in the development of effective quality assurance processes which support formal accreditation and credit rating of College courses within the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework, as well as providing an independent and impartial training evaluation service for all College courses. This helps ensure that continuous improvement is embedded within all aspects of College training products. TES is also responsible for supporting Divisions in the development of alternative training delivery methods, the development of flexible learning solutions and for the maintenance of SOLUS, the Scottish Police College’s electronic delivery platform.

TES is responsible for the delivery of a small number of core College courses, most notably the Diploma in Higher Education in Training and Development which provides all College teaching staff with a relevant, professional and formal University accredited qualification to support them in their role.

Also, under the auspices of TES are a number of key College functions including the College Library and the Legal Research Unit which maintains the Police Information Net for Scotland (PINS).