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Road policing training

Road policing division
Photograph of a police car turning at speed

We provide centralised training to all Scottish Road Policing Officers, these Officers must undertake the core training required to complete the Scottish Qualifications Authority Diploma in Road Policing Operations.

The Division provides the highest quality of training to improve the capability and capacity of all 8 Scottish Forces and the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency in order that they can deliver a safer, stronger Scotland to the communities we serve.

We deliver 19 distinct training courses which includes a number of specialist training courses such as:

  • Pursuit Management
  • Security Escort Driving
  • Road Collision Investigation
  • Traffic Management
Photograph of a police motorbike driving on a road

Due to our flexibility we have over the years offered places on specialised courses to colleagues from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. More recently we have had the privilege of facilitating a Collision Investigation course to officers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We also provide specialist driver training for covert policing operatives and training in advanced driving techniques to members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and Ministerial Chauffeurs.

If you have any enquiries about any aspect of this or other areas of Road Policing training please contact us at rpd@tulliallan.pnn.police.uk