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Crime training

Crime Training Division
Photograph of the back of a person in handcuffs being held by two police officers

Crime Management Division is responsible for the provision of all aspects of specialist training associated with crime, including investigation, prevention and analytical support.

The Division is subdivided into:

  • Detective Training,
  • Counter Terrorism,
  • Community Safety,
  • Covert Specialist Training and,
  • Intelligence, Technology, Analysis and Communications Training

These sub divisions deliver a range of specialist training designed to equip police officers and staff with the skills and expertise necessary to keep Scotland a safer place.

Crime Management Division continues to explore new and innovative methods for training delivery that help facilitate the ethos of life long learning and encourages individual personal and professional development.

Photograph of two police officers in protective clothing and helmets with one carrying a machine gun

We actively promote shared training both here at the College and beyond. Co-operation between Divisional staff and partner agencies involved in the justice sector continues to flourish and we are keen to maintain and develop these and other links.

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